Benefits Advisor  |  

As an experienced salesman who understands the ins and outs of benefits as they relate to client ambitions, Robert Rini brings a strong presence and set of talents to Conner Insurance. Guiding clients through the increasingly complicated world of healthcare benefits, he shares strategies and insights that pave the way for customer success.


Robert has over 5 years of experience in sales, along with a prior decade of experience in graphic design. He understands the process of navigating day-to-day business from a promotional, as well as a benefits perspective. As he engages with clients on a day-to-day basis, he also works tirelessly to promote the Conner brand.


As a member of the Conner Insurance family, Robert walks alongside our clients, solving problems and assisting them in accomplishing mission-critical goals. He strives to provide the level of service and expertise that has become synonymous with the Conner name.