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Health Advisor

Your Health Care Program Advisor: Your Untapped Operations Resource

BY RYAN SPENCER COVID-19 threw dozens of new challenges at CFOs and HR managers this year. Every day, company leaders faced questions they had never considered before: How do we keep our workers safe? How can we remain efficient while working from home? What are my legal responsibilities during the pandemic? Answering these questions has...…
Get Value From Your Health Care Program

Spin Your Benefits Flywheel: How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Health Care Program

BY RYAN SPENCER The Flywheel Concept was popularized by Jim Collins in his legendary business book, Good to Great. The idea is that, over time, a series of choices can grow the momentum of a business, but it’s difficult to get the flywheel spinning at first and the rewards of those early efforts are not...…
Health Benefits Contingency Plan

Have You Established Your Health Benefits Contingency Plan? 3 Questions You Should Ask

BY RYAN SPENCER The coronavirus and the resulting economic recession blindsided companies all over the country. Leaders have responded with a variety of cost-cutting tactics, from layoffs to reduced hours to mandatory work-from-home. But there’s another tactic available that few leaders have used: A health benefits contingency plan. By re-evaluating their plan needs, company leaders...…