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Pharmacy Savings

How to Reinvest $4.3 Million in Pharmacy Savings Back Into Your Workforce

BY RYAN SPENCER We recently discussed one of our biggest successes of 2019: We helped our clients source $4.3 million in medication without paying a single penny. By carefully re-evaluating how each company plan helped employees access medication, we slashed costs while maintaining or improving the quality of care these employees received from the pharmacies....…
Using Benefits to Attract Talent

How to Use Your Benefits Plan to Attract and Retain Talent

BY RYAN SPENCER With unemployment at its lowest level in 20 years, some employers are struggling to find, hire, and retain the best talent for their company. Before your business scrambles for the next hire, review your benefits package. Study after study has proven that employees care more about their benefits than financial compensation, and...…
Why Health Insurance Costs Keep Rising

Why Health Insurance Costs Keep Rising (And How We Keep Them Down)

BY RYAN SPENCER For most businesses, health insurance premiums rise 8-12 percent every year. These meaty rate hikes have grown so common, employers rarely fight them. In fact, many see a five or six percent year over year increase as a small victory. The good news: Employers can effectively reduce their spend if they understand...…
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