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Health Benefits Contingency Plan

Have You Established Your Health Benefits Contingency Plan? 3 Questions You Should Ask

BY RYAN SPENCER The coronavirus and the resulting economic recession blindsided companies all over the country. Leaders have responded with a variety of cost-cutting tactics, from layoffs to reduced hours to mandatory work-from-home. But there‚Äôs another tactic available that few leaders have used: A health benefits contingency plan. By re-evaluating their plan needs, company leaders...…
Fully-Insured Renewals

Decisions For Fully-Insured Renewals: Are You Facing a 40% Rate Increase?

BY RYAN SPENCER The coronavirus has threatened businesses all over the world, and now it could force dramatic increases in insurance premiums for fully-insured companies. One analysis predicts that rates could jump by up to 40% in 2021 if the coronavirus continues to infect Americans. In the face of such enormous rate hikes, the responsibility...…
3 Factors Businesses Overlook

3 Factors Businesses Overlook in Their Benefits Plans

BY RYAN SPENCER Business leaders face multiple challenges when picking a health benefits plan for their employees. In finding the best care for their workers, they must consider plan expenses, coverage, and the quality of care they may receive. As careful as most leaders try to be, we frequently watch them overlook the most important...…
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