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3 Factors Businesses Overlook

3 Factors Businesses Overlook in Their Benefits Plans

BY RYAN SPENCER Business leaders face multiple challenges when picking a health benefits plan for their employees. In finding the best care for their workers, they must consider plan expenses, coverage, and the quality of care they may receive. As careful as most leaders try to be, we frequently watch them overlook the most important...…
Renewal Season

Now is the Time to Start Thinking About Renewal Season

BY RYAN SPENCER Now that we are a few months into the year, you and your employees are starting to feel the impact of your health benefits plan. Employees have visited the doctor and emergency room and, as a result, they have once again seen firsthand the best and worst parts of their health care...…
Pharmacy Savings

How to Reinvest $4.3 Million in Pharmacy Savings Back Into Your Workforce

BY RYAN SPENCER We recently discussed one of our biggest successes of 2019: We helped our clients source $4.3 million in medication without paying a single penny. By carefully re-evaluating how each company plan helped employees access medication, we slashed costs while maintaining or improving the quality of care these employees received from the pharmacies....…
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