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Inflation and Employee Benefits – What You Can Do About It

Inflation and Employee Benefits – what you can do about it. The pressure on employers continues to rise as inflation begins to affect employee benefits. How businesses respond is essential. During this year’s renewal cycle, instead of trimming benefits programs, businesses should focus on strategic ways to maximize cost savings and support employees.Inflammatory stressors, including […]

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Shortages in the Healthcare Industry and Your Benefits Program

Shortages in Healthcare and Benefits Programs. If you run out of batteries, you can order them online and they will show up within a day or two. If you need to pay your bills, you can do so instantly. Current society is used to getting what they want when they want it. Unfortunately, this culture […]

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HR Burnout – How Benefit Program Portals Can Help

How Benefit Program portals help. Implementing and managing an organization’s employee benefits program can put a significant amount of pressure on HR professionals who can be flooded with employee benefits program questions and concerns, taking them away from strategic priorities such as employee retention, recruitment, engagement and productivity efforts.The past several years have been particularly […]

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Reference-Based Pricing Programs – The Good and The Ugly

Reference-Based Pricing plans can be a great way for employees to really choose what’s best for them without overspending. And because the high cost of healthcare impacts both employees and employers, developing a cost-effective and engaging benefits program is essential.A traditional program provides a network of hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers contracted with your insurance […]

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The “Easy Button” Isn’t Always the Right Choice.

The “easy button” isn’t always the right choice. Providing a high-quality, cost-effective benefits program is not always easy. Economic shifts, market trends, rules and regulations and changes in workforce demographics can contribute to a changing benefits program. Staying on top of factors that influence your benefits requires research and strategy design, and while offering the […]

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Is Transparency Coming to Healthcare?

Is transparency coming to healthcare? Employee benefits are a clear asset to any company. But when employees find their benefits hard to understand or become worried about the cost of healthcare, the investment could lose value. Not only because of the cost involved but because benefits can significantly influence recruitment, retention and overall employee satisfaction. Employees […]

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Two Essential Ingredients for a Successful Benefits Program

Essential ingredients for a successful benefits program. Your benefits plan could be lacking two essential ingredients: performance tracking and strategy design. While a benefits program can exist with either strategy or performance tracking, those who rely on just one may eventually find themselves lost at sea. Similar to a ship without a captain. The ship […]

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Do You Know What’s Driving Your Costs?

What’s driving your costs? Without a way to monitor and measure the data within your benefits program, you can be left unaware and uninformed. Similar to planning a road trip without mapping where to get gas. You know where you’re going, but you could be missing crucial information to get you there. A data-driven benefits […]

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Comprehensive Benefits – When to Ask For A Second Opinion

Comprehensive benefits – when to ask for a second opinion. When your car breaks down, you usually take it to a mechanic who will run diagnostics and give you an estimate of the cost. If that estimate looks too high for the service or the diagnostic doesn’t fit the complaint, you might seek another opinion. […]

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Gain Valuable Insight into New and Exciting Strategies

Gain valuable insight into new and exciting strategies. Making changes to any business program or protocol can feel intimidating. But whether the company decides to add an online process, modify the way payroll is received or change aspects of the benefits program, change is an inevitable part of business.The problem is; change is often thought […]

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