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Reevaluate Your Benefits Plan: Affordable Changes for Long-Term Success

Reevaluate Your Benefits Plan: Affordable Changes for Long-Term Success. Your employee benefits plan directly affects the lives of your people, their loved ones and your business. They can boost morale, increase productivity, provide support to employees and improve recruitment and retention efforts. To maintain these advantages your benefits plan must be monitored and reviewed frequently.Workforce […]

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Transform Your Benefits with a Direct Primary Care Model

Transform your benefits with a direct primary care model. Many employers recognize the importance of employee benefits, but with rising costs and the perceived value of traditional health plans diminishing, some employers — and employees — are searching for alternative solutions.With a traditional healthcare model, patients are rarely seen by the doctor for more than […]

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General Liability Insurance for Small Business Owners

Operating a business comes with inherent risks, and for small business owners, these risks can have an outsized impact. Something as routine as a customer slipping and falling in your store can quickly spiral into expensive legal fees and damage your company’s public image. General liability insurance is essential coverage that protects your business assets […]

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Growth and Change — Is Your Benefits Program in Compliance?

Growth and Change — Is Your Benefits Program in Compliance? As an employer and top leader in your industry, your time is likely focused on growing your company and making necessary changes. And while success is hard to quantify, determination and hard work often pay off. The same is true of your employee benefits program.Once […]

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ERISA Fiduciary Duty – Who is Responsible?

The proposed class action against Johnson and Johnson has shed light on the importance of the ERISA fiduciary duty of your benefits program. The recent lawsuit accuses the company of mismanaging prescription drug benefits, which cost some employees millions of dollars.The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) includes strict standards of conduct for those who […]

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Weight Loss Drugs and Your Benefits – What Employers Should Know

Weight loss drugs and your benefits – what employers should know. For the millions of Americans who are overweight or obese, the ability to lose weight could feel as likely as the chances of winning the lottery — next to impossible, until recently. Headlines across America are highlighting new weight loss drugs, which may create […]

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Errors in Medical Billing — What to Look For

Errors in Medical Billing When an employee or their loved one becomes ill or has an accident, the main focus should be on getting answers, treatment and care. The last thing an employee should have to think about is their bill, and although many employers have attempted to contain costs for employees, medical costs can be […]

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Streamline Your Benefits with Integrated Programs

Streamline Your Benefits with Integrated Programs.  Whether you’re looking to reduce errors, streamline processes, or allow employees to access information quickly, there could be a place for technology in business — and your employee benefits. As more and more insurance carriers are being asked to integrate with automated systems due to ease of use, now […]

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Maximize Your Negotiation Power

MAXIMIZE YOUR NEGOTIATION POWER.Maximize your negotiation power. Whether you are fully insured or self-funded, you need to have someone in your corner who knows what to ask and is willing to have challenging conversations, otherwise, your benefits program could be costing you— and your people— more than it should.Costs of employee benefits continue to climb, […]

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Renewals: Why You Shouldn’t Settle for 60 Days Notice

Renewals: Why You Shouldn’t Settle for 60 Days Notice. Two months is long enough to plan a vacation, make a significant lifestyle change or prepare a captivating presentation. Two months is not long enough to make the most of your benefits program. Yet, this is roughly the amount of time most insurance companies give to […]

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What People Say

Conner Insurance has set the standard for superior guidance and exceptional service for more than 70 years.

Cheryl Wood

Association of Christian Schools International

We always look forward to new ideas from Conner Insurance to help us improve our benefits and contain costs. The Conner team brings a different perspective, energy, and commitment to designing a benefits program for our non-profit ministry and is a pleasure to work with.

Aaron Robertson

HandledNow LLC

Conner seems to be proactive in their approach to communication about anything we need to be aware of. Everyone we work with at Conner seems to care about the success of our business.

Craig Freyenberger

Baptist Children's Home

Conner Insurance excels at informing us of the current market conditions and how that might affect us. The Conner team contacts us regularly and visit us, even though we are hours away! Conner now has a local account representative which is great. Conner is a resource we use frequently to bounce ideas off.

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