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One solitary act can turn into a lawsuit that crushes your business. At Conner Insurance, we offer both general and professional liability insurance that protects our clients’ business interests and mitigates risk. Contact us at (317) 808-7711 and speak to a trusted advisor to find the best coverage.

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Why You Need Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance, sometimes called errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, is essential coverage for any business that provides services or advice to customers. Without it, a single claim could devastate your company's finances and reputation overnight. At Conner Insurance, we understand the values and objectives behind your business. Our team of trusted advisors takes a holistic, consultative approach to assess your unique risks and craft custom coverage to safeguard what matters most.

Comprehensive Coverage

A professional liability policy goes beyond protecting against bodily injury or property damage from accidents on your business property. This specialized insurance shields you against claims alleging your services caused financial harm due to negligent acts, errors, or omissions. It covers legal costs to defend against covered claims and payouts for judgments or settlements, keeping your hard-earned business assets protected.

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Protection Against Lawsuits and Court Costs

Even dedicated professionals acting in good faith can face accusations of service shortfalls. Without coverage, defending against a single claim could cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal expenses. Professional liability insurance helps by appointing legal counsel and covering attorney fees, court charges, arbitration, and lawsuit defense expenses. This comprehensive protection gives you the power to fight back against unfounded allegations without draining your coffers.

Peace of Mind for You and Your Business

Receiving a letter threatening legal action can spiral worries about business finances, customer relationships, and personal assets. Professional liability insurance coverage lifts this burden so you can stay focused, composed, and productive. Our advisors act as an extension of your team to handle insurance paperwork, freeing up your schedule for service delivery and growth. With Conner Insurance behind you, you can rest assured knowing expert support stands ready to field legal claims.

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Financial Stability

Even frivolous complaints often extract five- or six-figure settlements from defendants lacking robust coverage. By capping your losses, a professional liability policy stabilizes finances against unexpected legal events outside your control. Customizable options let you select limits and deductibles attuned to your risk tolerance and budget. This stability empowers smart investments for the future as you expand services, upgrade facilities, and hire top talent.

Safeguards Your Business From Unexpected Expenses

It takes years to accumulate the equipment, skills, reputation, and clientele establishing a thriving company. However, just one adverse judgment could wipe out everything without sufficient liability coverage.

Professional liability insurance is like wearing a helmet when bicycling — it is a proactive shield that can significantly reduce harm in the event of an accident. Just as a helmet protects your head on a bike, liability coverage protects your finances in case of a claim. By covering expenses and judgments, it cushions the fiscal blow. This allows you to get your operations back up to speed quickly after a legal collision.

Protects Your Income in the Event of a Claim

If a court deems your company's services negligent, you may be compelled to pay settlements stretching into the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. Professional liability insurance, however, sets a cap on your maximum out-of-pocket costs. This coverage limit protects your revenue and assets from being drained by legal payouts.

We'll work closely with you to structure a policy with liability limits appropriate for your risk level, industry, and financials. Having proper professional liability safeguards in place gives you peace of mind. You can be confident your company's hard-earned income and future remain secure, even in the face of costly legal action.

Enhanced Professional Reputation

When a service outcome disappoints, customers may question what went wrong and try to assign responsibility. Their initial reactions can sometimes spread quickly before the details of the situation are fully understood. Maintaining liability coverage aligns your business interests by ensuring you have the ability to fully evaluate complaints and make things right whenever appropriate. This good faith approach also reassures customers that you stand behind your services.

Broadcasting that your business carries robust professional liability insurance helps combat negative assumptions by signaling your commitment to delivering diligent, high-quality services. It conveys that although no provider is perfect, you are prepared to make amends for any possible shortfalls while remaining dedicated to excellent client care.

Demonstrates Credibility and Competence

In competitive fields like technology, finance, real estate, and healthcare, prospective clients have multiple options when selecting service providers. Professional liability coverage offers a low-cost, credible means for businesses to distinguish yourself as experts dedicated to client satisfaction and protection.

At Conner Insurance, our advisors meticulously review your contracts to ensure you have all the coverage you need. This thorough approach helps identify potential gaps in protection and guarantees that your professional liability insurance aligns perfectly with your contractual obligations and business operations. A proactive strategy showcases your professionalism and makes your business stand out as a responsible choice.

Boosts Clients' Trust in Your Services

Even skilled professionals can sometimes encounter tricky situations where client expectations aren't fully met. In the moment, quick judgments are made and confidence wavers. Yet upon deeper reflection, clearer perspectives often emerge. This is why maintaining open, understanding communication is so vital. It allows emotions to settle so the true heart of the matter can be addressed constructively by all parties.

Maintaining liability insurance aligns interests by ensuring you're equipped to make amends for any client harms reasonably traced back to your services. This good-faith gesture builds confidence that although problems crop up despite best intentions, you're committed to making every reasonable effort to correct them.

Explore Professional Liability Insurance Options With Conner Insurance

At Conner Insurance, we appreciate that no two businesses and their liability risks are identical. That's why our advisors avoid a one-size-fits-all approach. We'll invest extensive effort into understanding your operations, challenges, philosophy, and objectives at a foundational level.

Once grasped, we leverage our expertise honed over 75 years to engineer tailored solutions addressing dangers specific to your company and industry. By listening and collaborating first, then strategically applying our risk management toolkit second, we can craft coverage giving your company, employees, and customers comprehensive protection at sensible rates.

Our consultative process dives extensively into aspects unique to your enterprise, including:

  • Services and activities performed
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Safety protocols and training
  • Quality assurance measures
  • Complaint escalation workflows
  • Past liability claims experience
  • Corporate structure and policyholders
  • Desired coverage types and limits
  • State-specific compliance needs

Our advisors remain vigilant of liability insurance innovations as well, introducing new safeguards when necessary. For instance, cyber liability protection emerged as technology permeated operations company-wide. Our team stays atop insurance industry advancements you may lack bandwidth to monitor so we can provide timely recommendations as risk dynamics evolve.

Conner Insurance provides tailored insurance claim plans so you can focus on daily operations with confidence. Premiums, claims paperwork, and legal coordination become our responsibilities behind the scenes. Rely on our personable advisors to simplify insurance complexities while promptly addressing concerns should they ever emerge. Speak with an advisor today to initiate a free consultation exploring professional liability solutions specific to your needs.

Credentialed industries and professionals who provide services, advice, or consultation to clients that could result in damages should obtain professional liability coverage. Examples include non-profits, schools, health care, construction managers, and similar.

Sometimes. For example, many states require professional liability insurance for malpractice. This often impacts attorneys and doctors. Other professional services don’t share the same requirements. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it. In fact, many customers won’t work with you if you don’t. Contractual obligations are another reason this may be required.

Many factors contribute to the cost and coverage limits. Two main factors include the type of business you have and the corresponding level of risk. For example, a building engineering firm carries more risk than an accounting company. Additionally, you can choose among varying coverage limits and deductibles. These are just a few of the elements that contribute to the cost.

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Other Types of Insurance

Businesses expose themselves to all types of risk. In addition to general or professional liability coverage, you may also consider:

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Conner Insurance has been in business for over 70 years and through three family generations. We’re locally owned and cover the entire state of Indiana including Carmel, Westfield, Fishers, Indianapolis, and Brownsburg. However, we partner with more than 20 carriers to provide comprehensive policies for people in all 50 U.S. states. In addition to commercial insurance, we also offer benefits, human resources consulting, and personal insurance policies. Contact us at (317) 808-7711 to request a quote.

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