Many people hear the word “legacy” and think of history, fame, and notoriety. When Ben Conner thinks of “legacy,” he focuses on the reputation, integrity, and expert advice he will provide his clients through shaping the future of Conner Insurance as Chief Executive Officer.


Attending Indiana Wesleyan University from 2002 to 2006, Ben graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance. Through his time at IWU, he was able to apply the strategic planning, financial forensics, and regulatory code skills he learned at school to his career at Conner Insurance.


Ben utilizes his abilities to understand businesses and analyze strategies to positively impact employers’ bottom lines outside of traditional benefits consulting practices. By the age of 30, Ben was hired by some of the largest and most reputable privately held and publicly traded companies in Indiana. This impressive feat has helped Conner’s benefits department quadruple in revenue since he started in 2006. Utilizing his leadership, work ethic, and expertise, the average customer size has grown more than 10 times, positioning the agency as one of the most trusted consulting firms in Indiana. As a strategic thinker, Ben is able to work with and exceed client expectations through his talents and help them on the path to their corporate and financial goals. Ben has been instrumental in helping companies maintain spending well below the national medical trend.


Whether he’s consulting his smallest client or largest client, he makes their experience personalized. His clients span a wide variety of business industries, from health care, to education, to non-profits, to logistics companies, but he always makes sure to learn the scope of their business and apply specific programs for their needs.


By using benefits programs to build forward-thinking cultures, Ben strives to help his clients increase productivity and improve employee retention and recruitment. He has also implemented the use of health analytics and is working with clients to establish improvements in their employees’ overall health. As a result of these initiatives, Ben has several clients that have been finalists for Best Places to Work in Indiana and Healthiest Employers of Indiana.


Through his guidance and a focus on workplace culture, Conner Insurance was also recognized as one of the 100 Healthiest Workplaces in America in 2014, finalist for Healthiest Employers of Indiana in 2012, 2014, and 2015, and a Top 10 finalist for the Best Places to Work in Indiana in 2014 and 2015. In 2016, Conner was recognized as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work in Indiana, Indiana’s Healthiest Employer in the small business category and a Top 100 Healthiest Employer in the US. They also were honored as an AHA Gold Level Fit-Friendly Worksite by the American Heart Association in 2015 and 2016.


2019 Class of Rising Stars in Advising by trade publication Employee Benefit Advisor (EBA)
2020 Summit Award Winner at Association for Insurance Leadership (AIL) Conference
2020 Broker of the Year Finalist by BenefitsPro Magazine – Read Full Article Here

" Working at Conner Insurance has been one of the greatest blessings of my life. I have been able to be mentored by my hero, my dad, since graduating from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2006. I have also been able to meet and work with the most reputable employers in the state of Indiana to build quality business partnerships, solve challenges related to their insurance programs, and support their valuable employees through building quality health insurance programs keeping quality care and affordable cost at the center. Working with family and partnering with the best business minds in Indiana has been priceless. "

- Ben Conner

Working at Conner

" I have the greatest customers that any business partner could ask for. I have worked with many employers around Indiana to consult on their health insurance programs. Every client of mine has had similar goals and a shared vision with Conner Insurance. My customers care deeply about their employees, and about building an environment (and a benefits program) that supports those employees in their personal needs as well as their professional and financial needs. It is an honor to have the elite group of clients and business partners that I have been able to work with. "