It's Not Personal, It's Just Healthcare

It's Not Personal, It's Just Healthcare

It's Not Personal, It's Just Healthcare, is a powerful documentary produced by Conner Insurance. In this eye-opening film, we dive deep into the core of the healthcare system, exposing its corruption and brokenness. From escalating costs to prioritizing profits over patient well-being, we uncover the harsh realities faced by individuals navigating a system where healthcare often feels more like a business than a fundamental right.This documentary uncovers the pressing issues and demands change.

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Why We Produced the Documentary

At Conner Insurance, we believe that healthcare is a fundamental human right, not a privilege reserved for the few. We've witnessed firsthand the struggles individuals face within the healthcare system, where financial interests often overshadows patient well-being. As advocates for change, we felt compelled to produce "It's Not Personal, It's Just Healthcare" to amplify voices that have been silenced and shine a spotlight on the injustices that permeate the industry. Our commitment to integrity, compassion, and social responsibility drives everything we do. By producing this documentary, we aim to spark meaningful conversations, inspire action, and drive systemic change. We believe that by exposing the flaws within the healthcare system, we can work together to create a future where healthcare is accessible, affordable, and equitable for all.

Health Corruption
About the Producer

About the Producer

Ben Conner, CEO of Conner Insurance, is driven by a relentless determination to reform the healthcare industry. With a strong background in Employee Benefits and a deep understanding of the system's flaws, Ben was determined to shed light on the broken healthcare system in a meaningful way. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, he felt compelled to act. Understanding the critical need to unveil the greed within the system, he embarked on producing a documentary.

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