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Two Essential Ingredients for a Successful Benefits Program

Essential ingredients for a successful benefits program. Your benefits plan could be lacking two essential ingredients: performance tracking and strategy design. While a benefits program can exist with either strategy or performance tracking, those who rely on just one may eventually find themselves lost at sea. Similar to a ship without a captain. The ship […]

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Comprehensive Benefits – When to Ask For A Second Opinion

Comprehensive benefits – when to ask for a second opinion. When your car breaks down, you usually take it to a mechanic who will run diagnostics and give you an estimate of the cost. If that estimate looks too high for the service or the diagnostic doesn’t fit the complaint, you might seek another opinion. […]

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Gain Valuable Insight into New and Exciting Strategies

Gain valuable insight into new and exciting strategies. Making changes to any business program or protocol can feel intimidating. But whether the company decides to add an online process, modify the way payroll is received or change aspects of the benefits program, change is an inevitable part of business.The problem is; change is often thought […]

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Why You Need An Employee Benefits Mission Statement

Why you need an employee benefits mission statement. From new and updated regulations to changes in company demographics, keeping your healthcare program running smoothly year after year can be challenging. With a mission-driven benefit program, you can avoid losing track of your program goals and consistently deliver a benefits program that is efficient, organized and […]

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The Hidden Revenue Streams Controlling Your Pharmacy Cost

The hidden revenue streams controlling your pharmacy cost. Increasing healthcare costs and lack of transparency within pharmacy spend have many employers searching for answers when it comes to how much power pharmacy benefit managers have and what they can do about it.Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are companies that manage prescription drug programs on behalf of […]

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9 Minutes is Not Enough Time– How Individualized Care Can Help Your People

How individualized care can help your people. Imagine going to the doctor with a list of concerns. Symptoms that you have experienced for weeks, or months. Then, after about 10 minutes of concise discussion with your doctor, you leave the office with a prescription that is intended to help. But doesn’t.  THE FRUSTRATIONS OF HEALTHCARE Years of […]

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Innovative Solutions For Your Benefits– Options Are Available

Innovative Solutions For Your Benefits– Options Are Available. A well-designed, comprehensive benefits program plays an important part in your company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. But when that program is broadly offered with no clear purpose or direction, you may end up missing what your people are looking for. SOLVING PROBLEMS THROUGH BENEFITSInstead of […]

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What Employers Need to Know About an ICHRA

What employers need to know about an ICHRA. With healthcare costs increasing and retention and recruitment efforts becoming more challenging, many employers are left wondering what cost-saving strategies they can adopt, without transferring the burden to employees. While traditional plans continue to work for some businesses, others find these plans don’t meet their employee’s needs […]

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Pay or Play Penalties Have Increased. Is Your Business At Risk?

The Affordable Care Act has recently increased Pay or Play penalties for applicable large employers. This means any applicable large employer who does not offer affordable health coverage to full-time employees can be subject to increased penalties. Penalties that could equal hundreds of thousands of dollars.Some employers are unaware they are considered a large employer […]

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Help Decrease Employee Burnout – Simplify Your Benefits This Renewal

We often think of burnout as an individual issue that can be solved by self-help techniques like yoga or mastering the ability to say “no.” However, burnout, a phenomenon recognized by the World Health Organization, is thought to be caused by unmanaged, chronic workplace stress. Managing employee burnout needs to occur from within the organization.Now, […]

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