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Renewals: Why You Shouldn’t Settle for 60 Days Notice

Renewals: Why You Shouldn’t Settle for 60 Days Notice. Two months is long enough to plan a vacation, make a significant lifestyle change or prepare a captivating presentation. Two months is not long enough to make the most of your benefits program. Yet, this is roughly the amount of time most insurance companies give to […]

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Sustainability and Your Benefits Program

Sustainability and Your Benefits Program. Heading into 2024 has many C-suite leaders worried. As the economy continues to slow and inflation proceeds to rise, some businesses are struggling to foster company growth, and while adapting budgets and managing costs are top of mind during these times, it is important not to overlook your employee benefits […]

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Hidden Costs Within Your Benefits Program

Hidden costs within your benefits program. Increasing healthcare costs continue to affect people across the United States. For businesses, increases of 20%-30% or more are a common occurrence during renewal time and while costs continue to rise, the true cause can often be concealed.A recent report by Mercer shares that US employers are anticipating another […]

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Benchmarking – Standing Out From the Crowd

Benchmarking – Standing Out From the Crowd. Every company is unique. Some may offer similar services or products, but no two organizations are exactly the same. From the town or state they are located in, to the workforce they support, each business has a unique style and set of needs. The same should be true […]

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HR Burnout – How Benefit Program Portals Can Help

How Benefit Program portals help. Implementing and managing an organization’s employee benefits program can put a significant amount of pressure on HR professionals who can be flooded with employee benefits program questions and concerns, taking them away from strategic priorities such as employee retention, recruitment, engagement and productivity efforts.The past several years have been particularly […]

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Shortages in the Healthcare Industry and Your Benefits Program

Shortages in Healthcare and Benefits Programs. If you run out of batteries, you can order them online and they will show up within a day or two. If you need to pay your bills, you can do so instantly. Current society is used to getting what they want when they want it. Unfortunately, this culture […]

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Reference-Based Pricing Programs – The Good and The Ugly

Reference-Based Pricing plans can be a great way for employees to really choose what’s best for them without overspending. And because the high cost of healthcare impacts both employees and employers, developing a cost-effective and engaging benefits program is essential.A traditional program provides a network of hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers contracted with your insurance […]

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The “Easy Button” Isn’t Always the Right Choice.

The “easy button” isn’t always the right choice. Providing a high-quality, cost-effective benefits program is not always easy. Economic shifts, market trends, rules and regulations and changes in workforce demographics can contribute to a changing benefits program. Staying on top of factors that influence your benefits requires research and strategy design, and while offering the […]

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Is Transparency Coming to Healthcare?

Is transparency coming to healthcare? Employee benefits are a clear asset to any company. But when employees find their benefits hard to understand or become worried about the cost of healthcare, the investment could lose value. Not only because of the cost involved but because benefits can significantly influence recruitment, retention and overall employee satisfaction. Employees […]

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Two Essential Ingredients for a Successful Benefits Program

Essential ingredients for a successful benefits program. Your benefits plan could be lacking two essential ingredients: performance tracking and strategy design. While a benefits program can exist with either strategy or performance tracking, those who rely on just one may eventually find themselves lost at sea. Similar to a ship without a captain. The ship […]

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What People Say

Conner Insurance has set the standard for superior guidance and exceptional service for more than 70 years.

Cheryl Wood

Association of Christian Schools International

We always look forward to new ideas from Conner Insurance to help us improve our benefits and contain costs. The Conner team brings a different perspective, energy, and commitment to designing a benefits program for our non-profit ministry and is a pleasure to work with.

Aaron Robertson

HandledNow LLC

Conner seems to be proactive in their approach to communication about anything we need to be aware of. Everyone we work with at Conner seems to care about the success of our business.

Craig Freyenberger

Baptist Children's Home

Conner Insurance excels at informing us of the current market conditions and how that might affect us. The Conner team contacts us regularly and visit us, even though we are hours away! Conner now has a local account representative which is great. Conner is a resource we use frequently to bounce ideas off.

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