Senior Benefits Advisor


Through his role with Conner Insurance, Senior Benefits Advisor Jeff Fox brings clients his more than 30 years of experience in benefits consulting, as well as widely-acknowledged expertise on creatively reducing spend while increasing benefits for employees.


Over the course of multiple decades pioneering new and innovative cost-saving measures, Jeff has worked with self-funded plans of all sizes, demographics and industries throughout the United States. On the leading edge of cost-saving ideas, Jeff has experience in sectors including negotiating direct contracts with providers, lowering out-of-pocket spend for employees, negotiating advocacy and lowering prescription drug cost, provider reimbursement, and establishing on and near-site clinics for employers. His history of collaboration and innovation in the sector carries a sterling reputation, with several cost-saving models he developed having become standard across the industry.


Jeff is a member of the NexGen Mastermind Partnership, a collaboration of thought leaders and over 40 leading-edge benefit firms dedicated to finding new solutions to lowering healthcare spend while maintaining and expanding benefits for employees. He is also an author and speaker, having written the Amazon Bestselling book “Breaking Through the Status Quo” and spoken at the 2018 World Healthcare Congress in Washington, DC. Jeff is married to his lovely wife, Robin, and has three grown daughters as well as three granddaughters. Jeff is devoted to spending time with his family and enjoys boating on the Florida seashore.