Insurance is a complicated, yet necessary element for every organization. What types of coverage, and how much do you really need? When you partner with Conner, our commercial insurance team works to obtain the necessary protection you require to achieve the security you deserve.

Working with service-driven and manufacturing-oriented organizations to nonprofit and private-education entities, our advisors have unprecedented experience delivering everything from simple limited liability to extensive umbrella insurance solutions.


Types of Commercial Insurance

  • Strategic PlanningOutlining a tailored benefit plan for the unique needs of your organization
  • Cost Containment ResourcesCounseling and outlining program cost guidelines and projections
  • Benchmarking/ReportingStatistic breakdowns to analyze performance
  • Loss Control ResourcesReducing the possibility of risk and minimizing potential impact
  • Safety TrainingLower risk and contain cost through best-practices and safety training programs
  • OSHA ComplianceExceed the standards and requirement completion monitoring
  • Self-Funded Workers’ CompensationEmployee assistance for any problem that comes their way
  • Captive SolutionsQuickly and accurately manage complicated commercial regulatory fields
  • HR ConsultingPartnering to provide HR and compliance resources to employees