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Chief operating officer Todd Hufford is a proponent of precise action. Brainstorming with the executive vice presidents, strategizing upcoming program implementation and managing profitability targets, Todd is all about building a strong company where team members truly care about each other and their diverse clients.


Todd can be found tinkering on an array of projects outside of the office, from home renovation or Christmas tree grove planting, to tending to the family chickens with his wife Jenni and their two children. A world traveler, Todd and his wife have visited China, New Zealand, and England. Instilling the values of adventure and experiencing new cultural views, Todd has passed on his passion for travel to his children while keeping their journeys closer to home; visiting Austin, Texas, taking an Alaskan Cruise, and, of course, the requisite trips to Disney World.


A graduate of Purdue University, Todd gained experience early in his career with reducing client costs and maintaining compliance to provide the business partners under his watchful eye with substantial savings and security. He built upon this foundation to improve client financials, especially within the realms of technology, health care, and nonprofit organizations.


Todd greatly values the lessons that were instilled in him by his mentors. Understanding that he owes many of his current achievements to their investment in him, Todd is ready to return that time and attention to those he works with. “Be fair but firm; when in doubt, do the kindest thing,” Rodney Vanderveer, professor at Purdue University, once said.


Knowing that no two organizations’ needs are alike, Todd utilizes his skills in business, employee benefits, and risk management to surpass client expectations with each and every project. Reinforcing that Conner represents the very best of what a local firm has to offer while providing consulting services that are better than national competitors, Todd truly believes that trusting, lasting client relationships build strong strategies, profitable objectives, and powerful results.