The Boomers

Taking the reigns from their father, the four Conner boys (Clay, Jack, Jim and Tom) purchased the family firm in 1973. These four gentlemen took the strong foundation their father had created for the company, and expanded it further.

“The guys,” as they became known, each became experts in varying fields within the insurance industry. Clients knew that if they had a question about anything from personal claims like auto insurance, to large population employee benefits, they could turn to the proven, trusted guys at Conner.

Currently headquartered and operating out of Indianapolis, our firm experimented with multiple locations around the state during the late 80s. From partnering with organizations up in South Bend, to designing and implementing plans down in Columbus, we provided organizations all across Indiana with innovative, trusted guidance.

Focusing our efforts on a more team-based approach, the offices came together to form the centralized headquarters utilized today, while still providing clients throughout the state with the same leading services and sought-after business counsel we delivered for years.

The Greatest Generation

No one has a standard experience in combat: it just doesn’t exist. The adventures of Henry Clay Conner Jr. are even farther from average. Having spent over two years missing in action in the Philippine jungles of Luzon, Conner led a small band of soldiers to find shelter, freedom, and themselves.

Through Clay’s perseverance, discovery of purpose, and resolve, he was able to bring his men to the freedom they had so long been looking for by war’s end in 1945. Clay was one of the lucky men to actually come home from war. More importantly, however, he came home a traveler, veteran, and changed man.

Looking to provide people with the security and protection he fought for, Clay entered the world of insurance, spending two years at Aetna – where he attended insurance school. With a few years of experience, fundamental educational tools, and the passion to provide clients with unrivaled expertise and innovative personal attention, Clay founded Conner Insurance in 1949.