Providing clients with the best insurance and benefits solutions available, offering timeless yet intuitive business counsel, and being available 24/7 ensures that our team is working hard for you.

To provide clients with the best team available, the advisors and crew on staff here at Conner must function like a well-oiled machine, developing stronger relationships within the workplace. We promote a warm, supporting work environment that is often hands-on and competitive.

Through similar, best-in-class wellness services and challenges offered to clients, our team maintains healthy lifestyles through Team Appreciation Outings, office competitions, team rally meetings, and efficient communication. In fact, we were named as finalists in 2019’s Healthiest Employer of Indiana Awards program and entered as national award candidates due to our holistic view of wellness across six key categories.

However, health is about more than your BMI or blood pressure. The team here at Conner listens to one another, and everyone feels like they are part of our Conner family.

Office competitions, company picnics, team rally meetings, and efficient communication create a work environment that is reflected in the extraordinary level of service provided to clients. The high-caliber team members at Conner are as highly regarded as our award-winning worksite culture.


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