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As an advisor specializing in commercial property and liability, Zack Conner approaches every new client meeting and account with supportive research. Understanding the subtle nuances and challenges of each industry he works with, Zack quickly becomes a premier resource for each of his clients.


Zack is a graduate of Roanoke College with a concentration in business leadership. During his time at school, he got his start on the road to research with an internship at the Indiana Historical Society, where he assisted researchers and curators.


With his acute attention to detail, analytical mindset, and competitive spirit, Zack works with clients at Conner Insurance to manage and limit any areas of risk their organization might face. From workers’ compensation, to professional, property, and cyber liability exposures, Zack partners with businesses to strategize an efficient, successful coverage plan.

" I like that they aren’t afraid to ask questions. As a History major, this allows me to do some of my favorite work: research. I also just enjoy learning more about their business. Every client is so unique in their personality, operations, and strategy. But in the end they all want the same thing: results. And that’s what I enjoy producing for them. "


Working at Conner

" It’s all about TEAM. There are no egos here because it doesn’t help anyone. When I have a client for Property & Casualty and they ask a question regarding their health insurance, I can go to one of the Benefit Advisors at Conner and they will be able to assist my client in a time of need. Offering both sides of the house to our clients is a real advantage over other Insurance Firms. "