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Mindset: Benefits vs. Insurance

Are you buying an insurance plan or managing a benefits program? For many businesses, employee benefits are a transaction. You pick the plan, pay the bill, and hope you don’t have to think about it until next year. If a sales director or an operations manager approached their work with this mindset, most CEOs would […]

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Stop Treating Benefits like it is Insurance

Insurance is a transaction, and benefits are strategic. In other words, insurance is a failsafe while your benefits plan should be an active asset in your growth strategy as a company. However, many business owners overlook just how much of an impact benefits can have on their business and don’t fully leverage its potential. To […]

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Balancing Benefits Cost-Savings with Disruption

Business leaders often strive for “efficiency,” and this word is used so often that we can sometimes forget how much nuance is packed into this singular idea. Efficiency is the careful balance of time, resources, performance, and cost. Each of these elements is important to a profitable business, but if you optimize any of them […]

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The Tsunami of Transparency Regulations Coming for Your Business

A wave of new legislation, packed with rules and regulations for businesses like yours, is coming out of Washington. Few businesses are aware of it, let alone prepared for it. The rules are a blend of requirements around benefits and how you communicate with your employees, with the biggest element being requirements for price transparency. […]

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Who profits when your employees get sick?

Traditional insurance providers intentionally make health care costs complicated. If you have ever asked, before the procedure, what you will pay out of pocket for something as routine as an MRI or a physical therapy appointment, you have likely experienced this firsthand. You can spend a few hours on the phone, transferring between departments and […]

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The $320,000 Bassinet: My Adventures Through the NICU

The fourth quarter of 2020 was especially challenging for my family and my team. My daughter was born eight-weeks early and would need a 66 day stint in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). I say this was challenging for my team because we’re all family-minded people, so if someone we know is facing a […]

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The Cost of Inaction: Lessons from Kodak

When Fujifilm began outpacing Kodak on the North American analog photography market in the early 90s, Kodak’s executives didn’t see a reason to change. Kodak shunned the relatively cheaper E-6 photo film processing technology used by emerging competitors, opting to stick with the established methods which had worked so well for them in the past. […]

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Growth Hack: Share Secrets with Competitors

Part of our internal culture is to perpetually improve new learnings and new insights. This is something that many companies pay lip service to, but we have committed to it in a big way. We often find that our clients and our peers overlook the biggest opportunities to grow because they fear the risks of […]

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You’re Not Too Small: 7 Ways to De-Risk Self-Funding

BY RYAN SPENCER   Many businesses falsely believe that self-funding their benefits plan is not an option for them because they are “too small.” The reality is that your benefits options are not that black and white. Regardless of your size, you have options to self-fund or to partially self-fund to dramatically reduce your healthcare […]

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How to Reinvigorate Your Strategic Plan in 2021

BY BEN CONNER   2021 should be the year of returning to strategic planning and strategic execution. For many businesses, 2020 was rife with crisis responses. Regardless of your political leanings, the chaos of 2020 made it exceptionally difficult to plan, prepare, and execute ideas. Lockdown cycles shifted and changed with little warning both locally […]

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Conner Insurance has set the standard for superior guidance and exceptional service for more than 70 years.

Samantha Contreras

Life Science Innovations

The Conner team is great to work with. They are knowledgeable, provide solid advice and are a very favorable partnership. They are the perfect extension to our team.

Erik Cooper

CRF Affordable Housing, Inc.

We finally found a health insurance partner that we trust and that goes to bat for our company.

Jessica Lahr

Pathfinder Services

Ben and his team are very knowledgeable. They listen to what we want and make it happen. They are great!

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