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Pull Back the Curtain: Are You Partnered with the Right People?

ARE YOU PARTNERED WITH THE RIGHT PEOPLE?Are you partnered with the right people? The collaboration of Spotify and Uber is just one example of a successful business partnership. Both companies created a unique experience for their users and then partnered together to broaden their audience. Whether you are partnering for shared ownership or looking for […]

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Extreme Costs of Gene Therapy Treatment – What You Need to Know

The costs of gene therapy treatment. Being diagnosed with a rare disease, whether acquired or genetic, can be devastating for an employee. Fortunately, in the last several years, an increasing number of specialty drugs, such as gene therapy products, have become more available. However, these treatments can create major financial challenges for employees — and […]

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Medical Payments Coverage and What is Covered

Medical Payments (MedPay) coverage and what it can be used to cover. Medical Payments is an optional coverage that can be added to an automobile or homeowners’ policy. For auto, MedPay typically covers the policyholder, family members or permissive users driving the car and any passengers. In terms of homeowner claims, MedPay typically includes protection […]

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Planning Ahead with NextGen Strategies — What Employers Should Know

Planning ahead with NextGen Strategies – what employers should know. Employers have a lot to consider heading into 2023. With inflation, workplace challenges and threats of recession, businesses need to begin reviewing and preparing their benefit programs now. Whether goals include expanding the business or looking for ways to improve the bottom line, planning ahead […]

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Insurance Definitions You Need to Know

Insurance definitions you need to know. I want to include a bit of information on a very important, but easily overlooked part of an insurance policy, the definitions. When defining the scope of coverage, insurance policies rely on terms and phrases that have specific meanings. The definitions are important as they establish the meanings of […]

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Case Study of Conner Insurance: A Performance Lab for Outstanding Benefit Programs

A performance lab for outstanding benefit programs. Forecasted renewal increases, healthcare inflation, and employee satisfaction have been trending topics for many employers and HR departments recently. Whether those topics center around a lack of transparency from insurance companies, little control over costs, or representing a unique workforce, navigating the health insurance landscape is a challenge […]

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What No Network Can Actually Mean for Your Business

What no network can actually mean for your business. With rising healthcare costs and employee retention and recruitment to consider, many employers are reviewing their healthcare plans, looking for affordable alternatives that can support their people. While some employers negotiate premiums or contemplate health savings accounts (HSAs), others are discovering the benefits of self-funding with […]

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Innovative Solutions For Your Benefits– Options Are Available

Innovative Solutions For Your Benefits– Options Are Available. A well-designed, comprehensive benefits program plays an important part in your company’s ability to attract and retain top talent. But when that program is broadly offered with no clear purpose or direction, you may end up missing what your people are looking for. SOLVING PROBLEMS THROUGH BENEFITSInstead of […]

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Mindset: Benefits vs. Insurance

Are you buying an insurance plan or managing a benefits program? For many businesses, employee benefits are a transaction. You pick the plan, pay the bill, and hope you don’t have to think about it until next year. If a sales director or an operations manager approached their work with this mindset, most CEOs would […]

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Stop Treating Benefits like it is Insurance

Insurance is a transaction, and benefits are strategic. In other words, insurance is a failsafe while your benefits plan should be an active asset in your growth strategy as a company. However, many business owners overlook just how much of an impact benefits can have on their business and don’t fully leverage its potential. To […]

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What People Say

Conner Insurance has set the standard for superior guidance and exceptional service for more than 70 years.

Cheryl Wood

Association of Christian Schools International

We always look forward to new ideas from Conner Insurance to help us improve our benefits and contain costs. The Conner team brings a different perspective, energy, and commitment to designing a benefits program for our non-profit ministry and is a pleasure to work with.

Aaron Robertson

HandledNow LLC

Conner seems to be proactive in their approach to communication about anything we need to be aware of. Everyone we work with at Conner seems to care about the success of our business.

Craig Freyenberger

Baptist Children's Home

Conner Insurance excels at informing us of the current market conditions and how that might affect us. The Conner team contacts us regularly and visit us, even though we are hours away! Conner now has a local account representative which is great. Conner is a resource we use frequently to bounce ideas off.

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