Planning Ahead with NextGen Strategies — What Employers Should Know

Planning Ahead with NextGen Strategies — What Employers Should Know
Planning ahead with NextGen Strategies - what employers should know. Employers have a lot to consider heading into 2023. With inflation, workplace challenges and threats of recession, businesses need to begin reviewing and preparing their benefit programs now. Whether goals include expanding the business or looking for ways to improve the bottom line, planning ahead can help prevent quick, disruptive changes later.

Begin by asking important questions about your healthcare programs early in the year to ensure that the right choices are being made for company growth and employee satisfaction. For example, if your workforce is looking to improve their quality of care, you may want to consider a plan that allows members to see out-of-network providers. This can give them the opportunity to use their insurance at other facilities without additional costs or limitations. These changes require time and planning to implement successfully, which is why employers should review their programs in the first quarter.

Important questions to consider

Look at your program with a clean slate before you start making changes and consider how you will adapt your benefits to events that occur outside of your control such as workforce demands, world conflicts and events. Ask yourself these important questions: What are your financial objectives for your program? How will your program represent your culture? What is your target cost for each employee per year?

After a thorough review of your current program has been completed and economic trends have been considered, setting goals and designing a strategic pathway can begin. By taking a proactive approach to your benefits program now you can put yourself in a better position to manage and implement changes without causing major disruption to your people. For example, the pandemic emphasized the lack of mental health support available to employees. Being prepared helped many employers quickly respond by adjusting or adding support to their plans.

Strategies that make a difference

This year, Conner Insurance is happy to participate in the NextGen Healthcare Summit. Beginning in March, a series of three virtual sessions will take place and will focus on ways employers can dramatically lower the cost of healthcare for not only the business but for plan members as well – helping employers plan ahead.



Topic Details

Partnering with Your Healthcare Professional - Hendricks Hospital and Dr. Alex Lickerman 

March 22, 2023

Topics include talking to employers about gaining direct access to primary care for employees. Contracting with a local clinic can allow employees to speak with their physician for longer periods of time and address multiple concerns in one visit, instead of being charged extra for each additional issue. Due to the ease of access and individualized care, this healthcare model has helped employees identify and treat more health issues.

Evaluating Your PBM’s Performance - Granite Peak Analytics with Trevor Daer

April 19, 2023

Evaluating your PBM performance is discussed in this session. Topics include ways to modify your prescription drug programs. From quick solutions with little disruption to more complex solutions that produce significant savings. 

Employer Perspective on Taking a New Path - Conner Client Panel

May 17, 2023

Three employers share their story about the changes they made to their benefits program, challenges they overcame and lessons they learnt. Each employer belongs to a different industry and will share a variety of viewpoints. This session includes an interactive Q&A where employers are given the opportunity to ask questions and receive tips and advice. 

The sessions are 45 min long and focus on helping employers brainstorm ways to update or modify parts of their program to stay current with economic trends and workforce demands. Sessions include discussions about customized solutions, lowering costs and delivering high-quality care to members with a chance to ask employers questions in a live, interactive event.

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Knowing how to adapt and modify your benefits program to allow for unexpected changes is essential, not only for the business; but for your plan members as well. Changes in the economy can affect your people in a significant way. This year, look back at your benefits program and ask important questions, then strategize and be ready to provide the best, most comprehensive plan for your people. We can help!

If you would like more information on how to sign up for the NextGen Healthcare Summit or want to discuss ways to prepare your benefits program for the coming year, let’s chat.

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