The Biggest First Purchase: Building First-Time Homeowners Up for Success

BY TONY WILCOX | Personal Lines Advisor

If you’re considering buying a new home for the first time, congratulations! This step is not only a milestone in your life, but also one of the most significant investments you will ever make, setting yourself up for a stable and comfortable life for years or even decades to come. However, with all of the new variables at play for homeowners, the process of setting up a home insurance policy may feel confusing or overwhelming.
At Conner Insurance, part of the reason I decided that this team was right for me is that each and every advisor takes pride in their individualized approach and attention to detail. Your first home may be one of the largest investment you ever make, and it deserves the utmost care and attention to detail to get the small things, and the big, right. Because of this, I’m proud to be able to help new owners along in their journey, and make the transition into a new home less intimidating and more exciting. In this piece, we’ll take a look at the homeowners’ insurance process, and see how identifying the right option can save money, lessen hassle and provide greater peace of mind.
Accurately Appraising Your Options
Between input from your lender, your realtor and your exposure to home insurance rates from several national carriers, the value of your house and the details of your future insurance policies may seem complex. However, providing specialized knowledge of your unique situation and leveraging the ability to find the right carrier and policies for you is part of what sets our services apart.
After partnering with you, I am able to personally meet and examine your unique situation to determine the best course of action. By viewing appraisals, inspection reports and even visiting the home personally, any unique factors such as location, building materials or interior value can all go into the type and amount of coverage that you will need. This specialization in evaluation allows me to select from a wide range of carriers that Conner has access to so that I can recommend the best course of action for you. I’ve been fortunate enough to interact with new homeowners on a regular basis, and have made it a point to withhold nothing. I will answer all of your questions to the best of my ability, and can work with you to paint a realistic portrait of your insurance situation to work towards future growth.
Forming an Ongoing Partnership
So much of homeowners’ insurance is simply selecting a policy and then hoping for the best, but in many scenarios, avoiding an ongoing relationship with your insurance agent could have negative effects on your claims, coverage and premiums. For new homeowners who are unsure of whether damage to their home is worth filing a claim, going directly to their insurance company and getting it wrong could not only result in paying more, but in certain cases could nullify their coverage.
As your ongoing partner and Conner Insurance advisor, the Conner Insurance team and I are here to offer the advice that could prevent you from filing unnecessary claims and paying the potential penalties. We are able to connect you with a network of trustworthy contractors to provide quotes, help you weigh total costs and come to a beneficial conclusion. Unfortunately, national coverage does not always offer the attention and capacity for advice that homeowners may need, especially recent homeowners. With an intermediary between you and unnecessary claims, you can rest easily knowing that you have an advisor to rely upon for whatever challenges may occur.
For any homeowner, having an expert with the knowledge to answer questions and guide them through the complex and strange landscape of ownership can be an invaluable tool – one that serves to save them time, hassle and money. Through interacting with so many lovely couples and new homeowners, I’m proud to have the opportunity to provide the care that grants peace of mind that comes so rarely to these individuals, and helping them along on their journey with their new home is a reward all its own.
If you’re looking to take steps towards buying a home, contact Tony Wilcox at [email protected] or 317-808-7718.

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