Introducing the Claims Column

I’m Dereka Woods, a licensed insurance adjuster with over 15 years of claims experience. My goal as a Claims Advocate at Conner Insurance is to act as a liaison between our clients and insurance carriers. Many know how scary an experience involving your most prized possessions can be. My priority is to make the process as seamless as possible by taking a proactive approach to client advocacy to reach the best possible outcome. If there is any difficulty with the adjuster or an issue involving coverage, I can step in to assist.

In addition to acting as a liaison, I am available to discuss any incident with you. To help you determine if filing a claim is the appropriate action, and if so, review the next steps in the claims process. I have the ability to provide guidance, to mitigate damages, and assist with selecting a trusted contractor, if needed.

Coverage can be complicated, but I can help simplify the process for you.

Prior to stepping into the Claims Advocate role at Conner Insurance, I briefly worked in fraud detection, then began my career in insurance at several major carriers. I have worked as the primary adjuster handling personal automobile, home, and boat claims. Later, I transitioned to handling commercial liability claims involving severe injuries, significant property damage and litigation. During my time as an adjuster, and after the completion of several national examinations, I obtained an Associate in Claims (AIC). Which is a professional certification for insurance claims adjusters conferred by the Insurance Institute of America.

The new monthly blog titled, The Claims Column, will serve as a claims resource to our clients. Providing education to employees and employers on different aspects of insurance, coverage, and most of all, claims. While simplifying the claims process, the blog will also provide updated information on the world of insurance. Expect to walk away with additional knowledge on what is covered and excluded by insurance, find answers to common questions, receive clarification on insurance myths, and gain valuable information on newly available products and services.

I am excited to be an additional resource to improve your experience here at Conner Insurance!

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