BY Joe Thompson

No policy is too big, like a million-dollar home, or too small, like a renter, for me to handle. I take my time with each client to make sure I take their case and give it the attention it needs so they walk away with the best insurance coverage possible. From a single mom struggling to make her auto payment, to a gentleman who had one hundred thousand dollars of art work that needed to be insured properly, every client matters to me.

A few years ago, I worked with a young, struggling, widowed mom who had just lost her husband. She had never dealt with their insurance before, but her auto premium kept increasing and became unaffordable. She was about to cancel her auto insurance but was referred to me as a final attempt to figure out a solution. I contacted her immediately and found out all the details of her situation. I promised her that I would come up with a plan to keep her car insured. After her new coverage went into effect, she was able to not only afford the monthly premium on her auto insurance, but have peace of mind and extra money in her budget each month for her family. This was the most rewarding client situation I have had the privilege of working on.

Additionally, I had a gentleman referred to me who was at a direct insurance company like a State Farm or Allstate. He had been with them for many years, but his agent was no longer responding to his emails despite the fact that he had over 7 policies with the direct company. I met with the gentleman at his office to go over his current declaration pages to find out what coverage he currently had and what coverage he might be missing. After talking to him I found out that he was an art collector and owned several pieces of art that needed to be insured. I set him up with an in-home appraisals expert. After we got the appraisal amount back, I shopped these clients’ needs with our multiple carriers. Even after I added significantly more coverage then he currently had, I still saved him money.

At the end of the day, no matter who the client is, I love helping each person that comes to me. Nothing is more important to me than making sure everyone is properly insured for the best rates possible.

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