What You Need To Do After Your Roof Is Damaged By Hail

It’s officially spring, which means warmer weather and beautiful blooming flowers are here for us to enjoy. It also means we are in the season known for its damaging storms that will unleash all their fury and potentially wreak havoc on your home. Conner Insurance anticipates that homeowners will file insurance claims for the damage caused by hail storms in the months ahead. Let us walk you through the process so that you know what to do if and when the time comes.

Insurance claim for a hail storm

Inspection for Damage After a Hail Storm

One of the most common claims made on a homeowner’s policy is for hail damage. If a hailstorm has recently passed through your area and you think you may have damage to your roof, you will want a roofing contractor to inspect your roof and determine if there is any damage. It is important to have this inspection done before you file a claim with your insurance carrier. If you need a referral for a roofing contractor, your insurance agent will be able to provide a list of reputable contractors that they frequently refer clients to.  

Beware of Greedy Roofing Companies

Beware of companies who are canvassing your neighborhood soon after a hailstorm, as they may not have your best interest in mind. They often show up unannounced after bad weather, distribute literature across neighborhoods, and offer free inspections to get their crews on the roof. This is why it is important to involve your agent prior to reporting the claim to your insurance carrier. They will be able to provide additional guidance throughout the process. 

Next Steps After Roof Damage is Identified

Once it is determined that your roof does have hail damage and if the repairs are more than your deductible, then you have the option to file a claim with your insurance carrier. Reach out to your agent to have them assist in this process. Once the claim has been filed, an adjuster will be in contact with you and can also work with your contractor on getting repairs completed.  

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