What You Need To Know About Dog Bite Claims And Your Insurance

We all love our pets dearly, as they are such loving companions and protectors for our families. Unfortunately, these sweet, affectionate pets can sometimes get you into unexpected trouble. If your furry sidekick is a breed of a dog that is considered aggressive, has a history of biting, or becomes overly protective, it can have a major impact on your homeowner’s insurance. Conner Insurance can help you understand how this specifically affects your liability, and what you can do about it.

Umbrella insurance coverage for dog incidents

Causes For Dog-Related Insurance Claims 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year.  The average dog-involved claim pays out around $45,000. This amount continues to increase annually, due to the rising costs of medical treatment, reconstructive surgery, and legal expenses. And while we normally think of dog claims as bites only, a considerable amount also involves dog-related injuries, such as falls resulting from a dog running after and/or jumping on someone. 

How Claims Are Filed Against You

Did you know that these types of dog-related claims could be filed against you under your homeowner’s liability and umbrella insurance? While most of these claims will be handled with your homeowner’s insurance policy, there are several insurance carriers who will exclude certain breeds. That's why it is imperative to update your advisor on a new puppy to confirm whether or not your homeowner’s insurance is accepting this specific breed. 

How You Can Protect Yourself 

Homeowner's insurance doesn't always cover legal risk fully. We have seen dog bites lead to civil suits, and so we recommend additional protection. You can receive this extra layer of protection through umbrella insurance. As costs are rising, it is so important to have that additional coverage in the event you exhaust your underlying homeowner’s insurance. 

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