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What is Recoverable Depreciation?

A common question I receive when discussing with clients is, “what is recoverable depreciation?” Recoverable depreciation is the difference between actual cash value and replacement cost. A recoverable depreciation clause in an insurance policy accounts for the deterioration in the value of insured possessions and gives the homeowner the ability to claim that difference. The […]

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What Do I Do if the City Snowplow Hits my Mailbox?

What do I do if the city snowplow hits my mailbox? During a major weather event, snow and ice removal is the city’s top priority. While doing so, there is the possibility of property damage, which commonly includes mailboxes. Property owners are responsible for installing and maintaining mailboxes on roads in Indiana. In the event […]

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Insurance Definitions You Need to Know

Insurance definitions you need to know. I want to include a bit of information on a very important, but easily overlooked part of an insurance policy, the definitions. When defining the scope of coverage, insurance policies rely on terms and phrases that have specific meanings. The definitions are important as they establish the meanings of […]

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What I have Learned From Winter Weather Claims

What I have learned from winter weather claims. Winter weather is on its way, now is the perfect time for me to share a bit of information on snow and ice codes in Indiana. It is important for landowners and tenants to be familiar with ordinances, as a slip or fall on their property could […]

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Everything you Need to Know about Home Repair Insurance Coverage

Everything you Need to Know about Home Repair Insurance Coverage. Being a homeowner can be rewarding, but it also comes with its challenges. Being responsible for unexpected home repair issues, including problems with your exterior sewer and septic system, as well as your home’s mechanical systems and appliances can be stressful and expensive. DAMAGES THAT MAY […]

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Why I Suggest Scheduling Items on Your Policy

In this blog, I will review why I suggest scheduling items in your policy. No one can predict when a valuable item will go missing. Priceless items and keepsakes such as jewelry are a high priority item, I suggest scheduling on homeowner’s policies.  REAL EXAMPLE OF WHY I SUGGEST SCHEDULING ITEMS ON YOUR POLICY A few […]

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6 Types of Water Backup Insurance Coverage

6 Types of Water Backup Insurance Coverage You Need to KnowWater backup Insurance coverage is an amendment that you can add to your home insurance policy that protects against damage to your home or personal property because of water that backups through sewers, drains, and discharges or overflows from a sump, sump pump, or related […]

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6 Types of Car Seat Damages to Be Aware of

There are 6 types of car seat damage to be aware of for the safety of your child. When it comes to a child’s safety, as a parent you would do anything to protect your little one, but there are invisible dangers that many parents do not find until it is too late.   Understanding the […]

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Personal Umbrella: Making Spooky Season a Little Less Scary!

It’s fall! Finally, time to embrace all things that fall brings.Personal Umbrella: Making Spooky Season a Little Less Scary! With this season we welcome Trick or Treaters to our property, maybe have a bonfire with friends, and tailgate for our favorite team. All these are great ways to make memories and enjoy the season. These […]

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Flood Insurance: Do You Need To Be Covered?

When it comes to flood insurance, it is not always cut and (rarely is it) dry. Many people assume that a flood is covered under a typical homeowners insurance policy, however, that is not the case. Conner Insurance offers flood insurance to our clients as a stand-alone policy and will make sure you are covered […]

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