How staying fixated on clients improves your business and culture


The practice of creating positive client relationships is necessary for any successful business. However, there’s a balance that organizations must achieve between the time and effort spent on internal initiatives vs. external client focus. After all, creating a positive company culture that is likely to attract and retain top talent within any industry is an important and often underrepresented aspect of organizational success. The requisite components of a positive workplace culture can be difficult to pinpoint, but the easiest starting point for each is your clients.

Through an external focus on client success, its processes and the environment that it creates can lead your organization to a more disciplined, positive and pervasive outlook. So, what can a positive client emphasis offer to the creation and improvements to company culture beyond the obvious benefits?
A Collective Ethos of Hard Work
Make no mistake, creating and maintaining a consistent standard of excellence towards clients can be taxing. However, creating an environment where only the best is accepted can do wonders to condition the working discipline of your employees. By acclimating employees to a client-first environment, the standard of work will rise to the occasion and leave your team at its strongest.

Self-Selective Improvement
Creating positive, hardworking relationships with clients can not only improve current employees, but also improve the caliber of future applicants during corporate growth. Talented and dedicated employees are drawn to employers with solid reputations who are able to both reward and challenge them. When a shift in priorities occurs, the shifting applicant base will be one more likely to perpetuate a culture of hard work and positivity.

Good Relationships Generate New Clients
The consistent emphasis on client success by any organization will create improvement on its own. Every current and potential client wants to feel that they are being placed first, and when they are, word travels fast. By creating an environment of external positivity, where an organization is well-respected by those within their industry and client base, that positivity can be mirrored internally. Feeling praised and appreciated by clients and the industry is a factor of employee satisfaction that can’t be ignored.

Improve Client Services and Build Your Employee Expertise
By setting client service as the ultimate objective, organizations will naturally come across requests and services that they may not be naturally suited to perform. However, by ensuring that team members are equipped to serve clients across a wide array of disciplines, whether through additional training or referrals, leaders can create an environment of growth for employees that grows both skill sets and personal and professional networks. By always striving for further growth and then providing the means to achieve this growth to all employees, businesses can improve the outlook of their culture and client relationships alike.

Positive, client-focused relationships are among some of the core tenets of Conner Insurance, as well as significant contributors to our own workplace culture. With every interaction, our advisors have the goal of maximized client success through unmatched experience and expertise. By retaining this focus, we bring these same benefits to our clients and work to perpetuate a culture of growth for the future of their company and their team.

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