Meet the Personal Lines Team




Many of the personal clients we work with understand that having insurance is important, but they may not be acquainted with the full picture of what their insurance options are. Providing yourself with an adequate blanket of protection from life’s unfortunate accidents is a necessity for personal stability and peace of mind, and a fitting level of insurance is the means to do so. In order to achieve this, having a healthy level of information and communication with your broker places you on an informative, smooth path to policy success.

In personal lines, we’ve seen more than our share of accidents, mishaps and disasters befalling home and auto insurance clients. From auto accidents due to weather conditions, to electrical fires, to floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, damage can occur to your home or car when you least expect it. With the proper level of coverage, these incidents can be something to recover from with relative ease. With the wrong coverage, however, they could turn into potential financial disasters. The key? Working with your advisor to find the coverage that’s right for your budget and assets.

The personal communication and attention that your insurance broker provides you with, as well as the variety of carriers they have to offer, allows you to make the best decisions and stay properly protected. We make a point to meet with all of our clients to ensure that we listen to each individual’s questions or concerns, and we work to help formulate a plan to address them. With multiple carriers to choose from, we are able to find the right fit for any client, regardless of lifestyle or budget.

Examine your own insurance situation, and look for the partnership and attention you deserve to protect your assets. Secure the best for yourself, and acquire peace of mind.

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