Preparing For The Holidays

It’s that time of year again: knitted sweater weather, pie baking, turkey carving, and long rides in the car to family dinners. This November, your schedule is in order as you organize get-togethers and some much-needed time away, but is your coverage prepared?

Thanksgiving and December holidays see more traffic and families away from home all at once than any other time of year. During a time of such thanks, your home, health, and auto are more prone to cold weather emergencies, roadside accidents, and sadly, burglaries. Many people fail to think about the important need for their homeowner’s, health, and auto insurance during the upcoming holidays.

Maintain your happy times, and continuous thankfulness with comprehensive insurance policies for your home, health, auto, and most importantly, your family. Call Rita Stout to get coverage for the things that matter most. Stop the worry, and get back to your dinners, parades, and game-day celebrations today.

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