Stay secured for your summer of fun!

BY ASHLEY BROWN | Personal Lines Advisor

Summer is the season for trips, relaxation and fun for individuals from all walks of life. Whether a day out on the lake, driving in the country or having guests over to enjoy your pool, thousands of Hoosiers will be getting outside of the house and enjoying the weather across a number of activities. Many summer-based activities carry inherent risks from which you need to protect yourself, as well as your friends and family. It’s important to review some common summer safety precautions, and see what you have to do in order to remain protected and maintain safety for a fun-filled, mishap-free summer!


These devices are a mainstay for children and adults alike, providing backyard entertainment and amusement for you and your guests throughout the season. However, the natural risks associated with trampolines means that it’s important to stay covered should an unfortunate injury occur. In order to ensure that your current policies will keep you secured, review your policy details and see what they may include for safety precautions. Some policies may exclude trampolines completely, while others might require adherence to safety features such as netting or padding. Check with your provider for proper coverage, rates, discounts and safety guidelines to ensure that you stay protected.


While a summertime celebration and relaxation standby, it’s incredibly imperative as a pool owner to complete an annual review with your agent on recommended safety practices and coverage protection. With 3,400 cases of fatal unintentional drowning in the United States each year, your proper observance is deadly serious in order to maintain coverage and protect you, your family and your guests.
Check with your insurance agent to see your provider’s requirements, and take steps to practice safety. For example, the CPCS recommends installing a fence at least 4 feet tall around the pool with self-closing and self-latching gates, and this stands among other common safety requirements for your pool and property to remain insured. Additionally, preventative measures such as supervision of swimmers (especially minors) and removing any environmental hazards like broken glass or slippery areas are key for a safe, secured and enjoyable environment!


Your homeowners policy might be able to cover a small boat for a limited amount of physical damage, but a lack of liability coverage and cost associated with vessels make boat insurance a top priority for any owner. Be sure to follow standard safety protocols like stocking first aid kits and proper amounts of life jackets for your passengers and crew. Look for a boat insurance policy that covers all of your bases, as coverage gaps on subjects like mechanical breakdowns, salvage & wreckage removal, and environmental hazard fees have left many boat owners high and dry. Work with your agent to ensure your policy is right for you in price and coverage alike, and enjoy the open water this summer!


These high-speed toys, while fuel for an adrenaline-filled day, will not be covered by standard automobile insurance or homeowners policies. Even if your homeowners policy does include protection for your ATV, there is typically no off-premises physical damage or liability coverage. Properly insuring your ATV on their own policy, as well as ensuring legal age restrictions and safety gear requirements, will provide better overall security in case of an accident.


There can be few things better than a scenic motorcycle ride on a nice day, but just like a car, you need to be sure your safety measures and coverage situation will leave you fully protected in the case of an unexpected accident. Wearing a helmet is the first item on the basic safety list for any rider; in fact, it’s been projected that wearing a helmet alone can reduce your risk of a fatal accident by up to 37%! Ensuring that you’re properly trained to ride is not only valuable for your safety, but also can benefit you with a discount on your motorcycle coverage. Talk to your agent to find the right policy for you, and make sure that you won’t be riding this summer with coverage gaps.

You Need An Umbrella

Protecting your family and assets is a top priority, which is the reason people have insurance, right? Personal umbrella insurance is designed to add extra liability coverage over and above your auto and homeowners policies. If you have any one of these summer activities planned, a Personal Liability Umbrella Policy can provide you with the extra layer of comfort and protection you need. Protection against personal claims, such as defamation of character, libel, or slander, which may not be covered by your other policies.

Not to mention this basic $1 million blanket may be an additional discount on your auto & home insurance and comes at an affordable price!

By contacting your advisor to complete your comprehensive annual review, educating yourself on your current protection and asking the right questions, you’ll be able to rest easy this summer knowing you’re adequately covered.

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