Take control of your insurance this wedding season

BY ASHLEY BROWN | Personal Lines Advisor

It’s warm outside, RSVPs have been flying, and couples across America are finally getting ready to tie the knot! As a Personal Lines Advisor with Conner Insurance, I’ve been able to help many couples with their insurance coverage during that transition. I’ve learned that when couples are so caught up in the rush of planning, insurance is often the last thing on their minds. Here we’ll go through just a few of the insurance policies that engaged and newlywed couples need, but might not know enough about.

You’re Engaged! Protect That Ring!

Congratulations! They finally put a ring on it! With the purchase of such an important and valuable piece of jewelry have you considered a personal articles policy from your homeowners policy? In the event of loss, accidental damages, theft, etc., you’ll want to make sure that you have the means to easily repair or replace your prized possession. By scheduling this item off of your home policy, it will be covered at an agreed price, no deductible, and will even cover you if you lose it in the Caribbean waters on your honeymoon (yes, this has happened before).

Your Wedding is an Expensive Event – Get Covered!

As one of the most important days of your life, your wedding might feel quite stressful. Having wedding event coverage will help alleviate some of this stress by protecting you from most of the accidents or mistakes that may occur. Whether its cancellation or postponement, damaged gifts or attire, lost deposits or liability injuries, you can enjoy your special day knowing that you are protected from any unexpected setbacks. Talk to your advisor when planning your wedding, and make sure that even if something doesn’t go right you’ll still have the protection to stay secured and calm. Make it one less thing on your list to worry about!

Newlyweds – Review Your Policies For Your New Life Together

After a wedding, it’s time to combine personal assets, legal status and insurance protection. When you and the one you love are finally together, it’s time to move forward toward a solution that benefits you both. Examine your financial situations and benefits, and find out what combination of factors can result in the best coverage for home, auto, life and more for the best price! Your agent can personalize your needs assessment to both parties, and even offer a review on your current employer’s plan. You’ll never find a better rate while you’re young and healthy, so it’s important to lock in those rates while you can and start saving!

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