Is Transparency Coming to Healthcare?

Is Transparency Coming to Healthcare?
Is transparency coming to healthcare? Employee benefits are a clear asset to any company. But when employees find their benefits hard to understand or become worried about the cost of healthcare, the investment could lose value. Not only because of the cost involved but because benefits can significantly influence recruitment, retention and overall employee satisfaction.

Employees want choice and flexibility within their benefits program. The ability to choose benefits that suit their needs is appealing because employees can decide what services they need and save money on the ones they don’t— unlike a traditional plan that provides the same benefits for all employees. For example, a young employee could have different healthcare needs than an older co-worker.   


Imagine knowing the cost of specific procedures ahead of time and how much you have to spend. Employees could prioritize their medical needs appropriately, helping to reduce care avoidance. At Wellbridge Surgical patients can see the cost of care before the procedure by using the innovative up-front printing model. Recently, a group member reached out to share an experience with Wellbridge Surgical. She had made an appointment with her primary care physician regarding the removal of a benign lipoma under the skin and the need for a colonoscopy due to age. 

 Her primary care physician, who is a part of the Community Health Network, referred her to a provider for the colonoscopy and a surgeon for the lump. A week went by with no appointment date or contact from either office. After calling the offices herself, she was able to schedule the colonoscopy in 8 weeks and received an appointment for the lump removal in 10 weeks. 


Having to schedule time off and arrange for transportation around two procedures requiring anesthesia can be intimidating for many employees. Some may even consider putting off necessary preventative procedures. Luckily, this member decided to call Wellbridge Surgical. When she called she spoke to a live person— right away— who listened to her situation and description of the procedures. To her surprise, the representative mentioned she could have both procedures done in the same place on the same day. 

She was offered an appointment date in 10 days. However, this was too soon to schedule, and a date three weeks later was confirmed. While on the call, the representative told her when to arrive and how to prepare for the procedures. 

On the day of the procedures, she arrived on time and was greeted with a smile. Within 5 minutes of being there, a nurse came to prepare her for surgery. The nurse was friendly and caring, helping to ease any nerves and made the pre-op experience pleasant. The doctor then introduced himself and explained the procedure, taking time to answer any questions or concerns his patient might have. The anesthesiologist, Dr. Piniecki, a co-founder of Wellbridge, came in to introduce himself as well and explained how he would keep her comfortable for the duration of the procedures. 

When the procedures were finished and the anesthesia wore off, the nurse offered her a drink and something to eat and, when ready, was discharged. She returned several weeks later for a cosmetic procedure and was again impressed by the incredible care and service. She felt comfortable every step of the way with little stress or worry. 

Her final thought about Wellbridge Surgical says everything, “I highly recommend Wellbridge Surgical and their amazing team of professionals!” 


By partnering with Wellbridge Surgical patients are able to have a concierge experience in addition to transparent and competitive pricing (well below other surgical sites of care).  It is a win for the employer, employee, and the healthcare system. 

 If you want to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out! 

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